Poverty, Inc. Event

Dinner and Conversation with Michael Matheson Miller

Date: April 30, 2022

The Minchin Center for Innovation at Pacifica Christian High School is pleased to challenge the assumptions of the broader Los Angeles community as we seek to integrate virtue and business.  In a world that is fracturing more and more every day, we hope to bring together what is being torn apart.

On April 30th, as part of the Minchin Center’s Insight Speaker Series, Pacifica hosted researcher, scholar, and filmmaker Michael Matheson Miller on the topic of poverty and virtue. In an intimate setting over dinner provided by chef Erik Kelley, Mr. Miller challenged us with essential questions like why businesses flourish in some places and not others? What is the object of economics? He commented on the complexity that is needed for our society to function. Mr. Miller reminded us of the cardinal virtues of justice (giving others their due), fortitude (firmness in difficulty), temperance (moderation in action, thought, or feeling), and wisdom (the ability to see reality as it is). He reminded us that each human being is not simply a “thing or an object” but a subject who is created in God’s image with a soul. Finally, he challenged our notions of humanitarianism versus deep charity and agape (sacrificial love) toward others.

As we engage the world in business or any matter, it is essential to remember the complex blessings we are afforded as Americans. It is important to remember that as we pursue justice, fortitude, temperance, and wisdom, we are doing so with others who matter and who are subjects, not objects. Perhaps we are called to dive deeper into charity (Caritas, carus—generous love, dear and beloved) into the sacrificial love demonstrated by Christ.

In addition to Mr. Miller’s keynote remarks, sophomore Stratton Chanes spoke on the topic of greed while junior Tyler Clouse moderated our question and answer session. 

Stay tuned for more events hosted by The Minchin Center’s Insight Speaker Series.

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